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of the International Society for Software Testing with domicile in Zurich, Switzerland

1. Name and domicile
Under the name of International Society for Software Testing there exists a society under art. 60 ff . ZGB with a domicile in Zurich, Switzerland

2. Purpose
The society’s purpose is to advocate, defend and train context-driven testers

3. Means
To pursuit the purpose of the society, the society defines membership fees, which will be revised at the last board meeting of the year.

4. Membership
Active member with voting rights may be any natural or legal person who has been approved by the Board.

Passive member without voting rights may be any natural or legal person who has been approved by the Board.
Applications for admission are sent to the President. The Board decides on the admission.

5. Canceling of membership
The membership expiries due to withdrawal, exemption or death.

6. Withdrawal or exemption
Withdrawal from the society is always possible by the end of each year. Any member can be exempt from the society without justification by the board.

7. Elements of the society
The elements of the society are:
a) The board
b) The general assembly

8. General assembly
The highest body of the society is the general assembly. The general assembly takes place once per year, between April and June.

All members will be invited to the general assembly at least 30 days in advance, and an agenda list will be provided.
General assembly has the following duties:

a) Election of the board
b) Definition and change of bylaws
c) Approval of financial statements
d) Approval of budget for the coming year
e) Definition of the membership fees

At the General Assembly each active member has a vote. Decisions of a General Assembly require a simple majority of the votes of the active members present or represented.

Passive members will be invited to the general assembly but will not have voting rights.

9. The board
The board consists of a president and three co-presidents

The board represents the society to the outside world, and leads the operations of the society.

10. Authorized signatories
The society is committed by the individual signature of each member of the Board.

11. Liability
For outstanding debts of the society, only the society’s funds are liable. The personal liability of its members is exempt.

12. Changes of the bylaws
The bylaws can be changed if all members of the board agree to the change.

13. Liquidation of the society
The board can decide to liquidate the society by majority vote at any time.

In case of liquidation the remaining financial means will go to Médecins Sans Frontières.

14. Legal validity
These bylaws were accepted at the foundation assembly on the 8th of June, 2013. Place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland
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