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Founding Members

The following people (in alphabetical order) are the founding members of the International Society for Software Testing. The founding members are the pillars of our society.

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Ajay Balamurugadas, co-founder of Weekend Testing has been testing software for over seven years and has written few short books based on his experience. Apart from facilitating weekend testing sessions, he conducts free training over Skype. He has successfully conducted multiple workshops on Exploratory Testing and Mobile Testing. His immediate goal is to help young testers identify traps in software testing and to inculcate the daily habit of 'practicing testing'. He blogs at Enjoy Testing and tweets under the handle @ajay184f

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Aleksis Tulonen works as a software testing consultant for Comiq in Helsinki, Finland. He is a passionate member of Context-Driven Testing community and is constantly trying to evolve as a tester. Communication skill has been an asset for Aleksis in his projects and he considers it to be one of the most crucial skills for a skillful tester. He is also interested of software development as a whole and seeks to gain deep knowledge about programming and leadership in the future. You can find Aleksis from Twitter, where he tweets as @al3ksis. He is also writing a blog at

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Anne-Marie Charrett is a software tester, trainer and coach with a reputation of excellence and passion for the craft of software testing.
An electronic engineer by trade, software testing chose her when she started conformance testing against European standards. She now consults and trains testers specializing in transforming test teams and agile teams into powerhouses of testing skill.
Anne-Marie currently lectures at the University of Technology, Sydney on software testing.
She blogs at and offers the occasional tweet at @charrett.

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Ben Kelly is a software tester currently working at eBay in London. His career in testing, test management and coaching has taken him from Australia to Japan and the United Kingdom. In between, he has been a regular presenter at conferences in the USA and Europe. Ben is passionate about software testing being done by skilled, free-thinking people who see their role as servants of a project rather than servile to process. Ben blogs at and is available on twitter @benjaminkelly

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Brian Osman is a passionate software testing consultant and trainer. Brian enjoys engaging with the software testing community by taking the opportunity to present at conferences and SIGsT groups as well as online. He also founded the Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing (KWST) which has brought together real leaders in the software testing community in New Zealand to challenge the *status quo*.
Brian is an experienced test manager, tester, consultant, trainer and speaker with over 13 years experience in the craft and has spent time plying his trade in New Zealand and Australia.. He can be contacted via the following methods:
Blog: and
Twitter: @bjosman
Skype: bjosman23

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Carsten Feilberg has been testing and managing testing for more than a decade working on various projects covering the fields of insurance, pensions, public administration, retail and other back office systems as well as a couple of websites. With more than 17 years as a consultant in IT his experience ranges from one-person do-it-all projects to being delivery and test manager on a 70+ system migration project involving almost 100 persons. He is also a well known blogger and presenter on conferences and a strong advocate for context-driven testing. He is living and working in Denmark as a consultant at House of Test.

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David Greenlees is a software testing consultant based in Australia. Over the last three years he has embedded himself within the context-driven testing community and actively promotes and contributes to it in Australia and beyond. He is the founder of the Australian Workshop on Software Testing (OZWST), and now sees the need to bring a context-driven testing conference to Australia; and what better conference to bring than Let’s Test! David is passionate about the craft of software testing, and helping others to see the benefits associated with doing it the context-driven way.

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Dawn Haynes is a Principal Trainer and Testing Consultant for PerfTestPlus. Dawn has more than 29 years of experience supporting, administering, developing and testing software and hardware systems, from small business operations to large corporate enterprises in the high-tech, insurance and healthcare industries. As a highly regarded trainer of software testers, Dawn blends experience with a practical perspective to provide testers of all levels with inspiration and ideas to help them generate new approaches to common and complex software testing problems. Dawn was highlighted as a woman of influence in Software Test and Performance magazine in January 2010, and was honored to share her philosophy of testing with 12 other outstanding international woman in the field. Dawn shares her insights at testing conferences and with testing communities worldwide, and looks forward to collaborating with you in the future, somewhere in Testerland.

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Duncan Nisbet is a tester who is passionate about advancing testing as a craft and as a profession in its own right, not just a stepping stone to something else. He encourages all members of development teams to talk to each other, with everyone taking responsibility for the quality of the software being delivered.
Duncan enjoys helping other testers to achieve a more responsive and flexible approach to testing; he is keen on developing communities to share stories and experiences in order to cross pollinate ideas, tools and techniques in software development. Duncan blogs at & lurks on Twitter @duncnisbet.

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Fiona Charles teaches IT practitioners project skills “beyond process”—hands-on practical skills essential to thrive and excel on any kind of software project. An expert test consultant and manager, she has been in the thick of the action through 30+ years of challenging projects across the business spectrum on both sides of the Atlantic. Throughout her career, Fiona has advocated, designed, implemented and taught pragmatic and humane practices to deliver software worth having. Fiona’s articles and blog posts appear frequently, and she conducts experiential workshops at international conferences, and in-house for clients. Contact Fiona via her website, and follow her on twitter @FionaCCharles.

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An agile tester, trainer, and coach, Griffin Jones provides consulting on context-driven software testing and regulatory compliance to companies in regulated and unregulated industries. Recently, he was the director of quality and regulatory compliance at iCardiac Technologies which provides core lab services for the pharmaceutical industry to evaluate the safety of their potential new drugs. Griffin was responsible for all matters relating to quality and FDA regulatory compliance including presenting the verification and validation (testing) results to external regulatory auditors. He is currently a host of the Workshop on Regulated Software Testing (WREST).

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Huib Schoots is agile test consultant at codecentric where he shares his passion for testing through coaching, training, and giving presentations on a variety of test subjects. With over fifteen years of experience in IT and software testing, Huib is experienced in different testing roles. Curious and passionate, he is an agile and context-driven tester who attempts to read everything ever published on software testing. A member of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing, black-belt in the Miagi-Do School of software testing and co-author of a book about the future of software testing, Huib maintains a blog on

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James Lyndsay has publicly championed and taught exploratory testing for more than ten years, and has guided exploratory teams towards interesting risks for rather longer. He built the Black Box testing machines, failed to improve the ISEB exam, convened LEWT, and started up the TestLab. @workroomprds for pith, for froth, for fibre.

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James Bach is founder and principal consultant of Satisfice, Inc., a software testing company. In the eighties, James was a programmer, tester, and test manager in Silicon Valley. He worked on agile and exploratory testing practices throughout the 90's, creating the Rapid Software Testing methodology. He is one of the founders of the Context-Driven School of software testing, a founding member of the Association for Software Testing, and a vigorous opponent of shady "certification" programs such as the ISTQB. James has written two books: Lessons Learned in Software Testing and Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar.

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Jari Mikael Laakso is one of the founders of the context-driven testing community in Romania. He likes to get connected with people and share ideas. He likes to read, write and discuss about testing any time of the day.
When at work, he is running the software testing department for YOPESO; an outsourcing company for clients that want valuable services. Having a background from embedded systems to mobile and web application testing, he can coach testers on multiple domains.
When he is not testing software, he is spending time with his family. He might be cooking or vacuuming, but having a hate against doing dishes causes disputes at times.

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Jean-Paul Varwijk is a software tester in the Netherlands. He works as a test analyst for Rabobank International and as software test consultant / owner for Arborosa. His passion for software testing and software development has lead him on the path of context driven testing and agile software development. He is active as a coach, trainer and conference speaker and while doing so strives to learn continuously. He is a member of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing, black-belt in the Miagi-Do School of Testing and active in several TestNet SIG’s. Jean-Paul has a blog on and tweets under @arborosa .

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Louise Perold is a passionate super tester who has been consulting in the Financial Services industry in Johannesburg, South Africa for over 12 years. She is currently managing a team (of super testers) at Rand Merchant Bank. The journey to learn more and test better (in context) has taken her to 5 CAST conferences, 2 Let's Test conferences and PSL. She has just started the Joburg Software Testers Meetup group. Louise is on twitter @lperold

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Maria Kedemo has worked within software development since 2000. Her experience ranges from developer, test lead, tester and coach in different domains such as Telecom, Retail and Security. Today she is working as a coach and manager of Verisure Innovation AB Test department. She highly values personal improvement and helping others to improve.

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Markus Gärtner works as a testing programmer, trainer, coach, and consultant with it-agile GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. Markus, author of ATDD by Example - A Practical Guide to Acceptance Test-Driven Development, a student of the work of Jerry Weinberg, founded the German Agile Testing and Exploratory workshop in 2011. He is a black-belt instructor in the Miagi-Do school of Software Testing and contributes to the Softwerkskammer, the Germany Software Craftsmanship movement. Markus regularly presents at Agile and testing conferences all over the globe, as well as dedicating himself to writing about testing, foremost in an Agile context. He maintains a personal blog at He teaches ATDD and context-driven testing to customers in the Agile world. He has taught ATDD to testers with a non-technical background, and he has test-infected programmers in several domains.

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Martin Jansson is partner at QualityMinds. Owner of Testverkstaden. Creator of the meetup Passion for Testing in Gothenburg. Co-founder of the blog Thoughts from the test eye. He enjoys working with testing, test management, test strategy while at the same time growing world-class teams in testing. Martin tries to share his ideas in test magazines, blogs and papers as well as sharing experiences and experiments in the testlab. You can reach him on twitter at @martin_jansson.

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Meike Mertsch works as an agile tester, consultant and coach for it-agile GmbH in Hamburg/Germany. Her main interests include Agile Testing, Kanban, Scrum and Pairprogramming. In her trainings, coachings and while testing, she always strives to improve the teamwork both within the team and with other teams for they may work at their best. As an Active Observer she is continuously observing and communicating with others, providing feedback that contributes to building an environment where they can succeed. Meike is tweeting as @MeikeMertsch and blogging on

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Michael Bolton is a consulting software tester and testing teacher who travels the world helping people to solve testing problems that they didn't realize they could solve. He is the co-author (with senior author James Bach) of Rapid Software Testing, a course that presents a methodology and mindset for testing software expertly and credibly in uncertain conditions and under extreme time pressure. Michael has 25 years of experience testing, developing, managing, and writing about software. Currently, he leads DevelopSense, a Toronto-based consultancy. Prior to that, he was with Quarterdeck Corporation for eight years, during which he managed the company’s flagship products and directed project and testing teams both in-house and around the world.

Contact Michael at, on Twitter @michaelbolton, or through his Web site,
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Oliver Vilson, due to his involvement in over 50 different projects in the last 5 years, has developed a knack for the business aspects of testing. He is using his skills to bring more context-specific business value into projects. Currently, he is involved in a variety of projects through his Estonian testing company called Celeg Hannas. Also, his inner need to push people into improving their skills has caused him to start a number of initiatives which include, among others, the monthly "Testers' Night Out" in Tartu, Estonian peer conferences PEST and a Hands-on Software Testing course at the University of Tartu's faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. He can be found in Twitter under @OliverV.

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Parimala Hariprasad is the Master Shifu at Moolya. She coaches testers and helps them work on their awesomeness. She works with young and fresh minds who have the potential to sprout the seed of skilled software testing to a giant tree that benefits the world. She has extensive experience in testing, leading and coaching teams of software testers. She is a strong believer of team work and helps teams work together towards a common end goal. She frequently rants about her experiences at You can connect with her on Linked In ( or write to her at She would love to coach you on skype at parimala.shankaraiah. She is also available on twitter at @CuriousTester.

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Paul Holland is an independent testing consultant and teacher at Testing Thoughts ( Since 1995 he has been performing hands-on testing and test management roles, primarily at Alcatel-Lucent. Paul has been consulting and delivering training for the past 5 years. He teaches the Rapid Software Testing course for James Bach’s company, Satisfice ( Paul has delivered training to companies such as Intel, Intuit, Progressive Insurance, HP, RIM, LiquidWeb and General Dynamics.
Paul is an avid member of the context-driven testing community. He is a highly sought after facilitator and has facilitated over 50 peer workshops & conferences on SW testing. Paul now delivers training for testing conference facilitators around the world.

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Pradeep Soundararajan is the Kung Fu Panda at Moolya Software Testing [P] Ltd. [], a company he co-founded. As the Kung Fu Panda he wears many hats and irrespective of the hat he wears his goal has been and will be to evangelize good testing to the world, to Moolya's customers and its employees. He has learned lessons in life the hard way. It means - he screwed up a hell lot (and learnt from it). He is so much like Po. Once upon a time he thought he was the best tester on Earth and later he learnt he is a part of an eco-system of good testers and he doesn't need to be the best in everything about testing. That is the time when he discovered he is a context-driven tester and hasn't yet found anything better than it or the community around context driven testing.
Apart from being a tester that he is Pradeep is also a mentor to several aspiring testers, a speaker, a writer and is also keenly interested in riding a golf buggy mistaking it for an F1 car. If you are in the software testing community or you have a passion to read good stuff you might want to google and find out his columns, articles, blogs, publications but to make it simple he would say, "Check out or connect to me over Linkedin or follow me Twitter handle @testertested”. Better, catch him at a conference somewhere in the world and oh, he does know how to greet you if you happen to say "Hi".

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Richard Robinson is a Kiwi working in Sydney, Australia as an independent software testing consultant. He is most passionate about building effective teams that are smarter, faster and cheaper than traditional testing teams. Richard adopts a technical approach to testing using tools to help shape excellence in testing approach. He takes an active role in valuable testing conferences such as Let’s Test and CAST, and workshops such as OZWST and KWST. He also co-organisers Meetup groups and Weekend Testing sessions downunder. Richard has achieved a Black Belt in the Miagi-do software testing club. Richard tweets from @richrichnz, and blogs at

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Robert Sabourin, P. Eng., has more than twenty-nine years of management experience leading teams of software development professionals. A well-respected member of the software engineering community, Robert has managed, trained, mentored, and coached hundreds of top professionals in the field. He frequently speaks at conferences and writes on software engineering, SQA, testing, management, and internationalization.
Robert is the author of I am a Bug!, the popular software testing children’s book; an adjunct professor of software engineering at McGill University; and the principle consultant (and president/janitor) of AmiBug.Com, Inc. Contact Robert at

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Scott Barber. A prominent thought-leader in the area of software system performance and testing software systems in general, Scott Barber, founder and Chief Technologist of PerfTestPlus, makes his living writing, speaking, consulting, and coaching with the goal of advancing the understanding and practice of software testing. Scott has contributed to four books (co-author,Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications, Microsoft Press; 2007, contributing author Beautiful Testing, O’Reilly Media; 2009, contributing author How to Reduce the Cost of Testing, CRC Press; 2011, author Web Load Testing for Dummies, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 2011), composed over 100 articles and papers, delivered keynote addresses on five continents, served the testing community as the Executive Director of the Association for Software Testing, and co-founded the Workshop on Performance and Reliability.

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Simon Morley has worked as software tester, lead and coordinator since the early 90's in a variety of countries in Europe and Asia. He believes in good testing rooted in both traditional and non-traditional testing skills and communication skills, all powered by learning, honesty and pragmatism.
He enjoys conferring and speaking at testing conferences and workshops. A regular attendee of SWET (Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing). Spare time is filled with reading and research within and outside software testing with a view to improving the perception and understanding of software testing. Blogs at and tweets at @yorkyabroad

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Tony Bruce (likes to believe he) is a professional, constantly learning, coaching and teaching agile team member who specializes in Testing and people.
Working in an exploratory style with an agile mindset and testing with different perspectives helps him adapt his approach to the need at hand.
His experience ranges from functional, automation, basic security, basic accessibility, through to performance testing.
He believes there is a need to effectively communicate progress and provide information on testing performed and keep a constant stream of information flowing through the team.
He has worked in various industries with organisations such as
Skillsmatter, Channel 4, Ernst & Young, LMAX and The Children's Society.
He is a active member of the Testing community, he hosts the London Tester Gathering, organises learning opportunities and speaks at conferences all over the world including: EuroSTAR, Agile Testing Days, Agile Dev Practices, Agile Tour London, TestBash.

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Zeger Van Hese (born and raised in Belgium) is an independent testing professional with a background in Commercial Engineering and Cultural Science. He started out in the movie distribution business but switched to IT in 1999. A year later he got bitten by the software testing bug (pun intended) and has never been cured since. Over the years, this context-driven enthusiast developed a passion for exploratory testing, testing in agile projects and continuous learning from different perspectives - he considers himself a lifelong student of the software testing craft. Zeger was the 2012 Eurostar programme chair and co-founder of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing (DEWT). He recently founded his own company, Z-sharp, dedicated to help clients on the path to smarter testing. Zeger muses about testing on his TestSideStory blog, tweets as @TestSideStory and is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide.
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