What are the most common garage door problems? The truth is there are a lot of different issues that people experience with their garage doors. With that said, below are a few of the most common ones.

The Door Sticks Closed Or Opened

One of the most common garage doors issues is sticking doors. Sticking garage doors can be caused by numerous issues. If you use a remote garage opener, then check its batteries, switches and the sensors. If you don’t have an opener, then inspect the wheel track for any obstruction. An expert such as BP Garage Doors a garage door repair in Largo can quickly diagnose these small issues right over the phone.

The lubricant can be affected by various weather conditions, so it’s a good idea to use proper lubricant to see if the doors will stop sticking. Additionally, your doors may not be hung properly. You want to make sure the doors are evenly hung. If you’re not sure how to fix unevenly hung doors, then hire a professional to do it.

It Falls Fast When Lowering It

If a garage door falls too fast when it is being lowered, then it poses a serious safety risk to those who are opening it or closing it. In most cases, broken cables or very loose or broken springs are the cause of this common problem. Examine the door when it’s closed and then try to figure out what the problem is.

Don’t try to replace cables or springs on your own because it’s a dangerous task to complete. There are many safety risks involved with replacing those parts of the garage door. Always hire a professional garage door repair company to repair a door that falls too fast when it is being lowered.

If you’re thinking about a complete garage door replacement, make sure you check with your local HOA first.

Loud Noises

Another common issue for garage doors is they make loud noises when they are being opened or closed. For example, when you open your garage door, it may screech loudly or squeal. If this happens, then there may be debris or dirt in the tracks or there isn’t enough lubrication. To solve this issue, you can clean the track, but don’t use cleaners with harsh chemicals.

Opener Doesn’t Work Properly

If your garage door opener isn’t working properly, then this can be due to a few things. Make sure to check the batteries and make sure the opener is powered up. If the garage door opener still isn’t working after you have done this, then there may be an issue with the motor or sensors, which means you’ll have to replace them. Replacing a garage door opener’s motor or sensors requires extensive work, so if you don’t know how to do it, then you’ll want to contact a professional who repairs garage doors.

When it comes to common garage door problems, the above are some of the top issues. Some garage door problems are easy enough to fix, but many do require quite a bit of work. If you are not trained to work with garage doors and their parts, then make sure you use a professional. They will do the job right, so your garage door will work properly in no time.