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How can you join the ISST?

We are an advocacy group; we value and seek members who will help further our mission. We are looking for new members who can help us change the face of software testing.

The process for joining is as follows:
  1. Find a sponsor who is a current member of the ISST (applicants can also approach the board directly)
  2. Your sponsor should nominate you to the board
  3. Write a proposal, detailing what you bring to the organization, your suggestions as to how you can help further our mission, and what commitments you can make to doing so
  4. The board will then review your proposal, and in due course admit you to the organization. The board retain a right of veto
  5. New members agree that their Name, E-Mail Address and Skype Handle is made available to all members

Applications will be processed twice annually:
  • Applications received by 30 June for July admissions
  • Applications received by 31 December for January admissions

  • For the first year of membership a fixed fee of €150 will apply
  • We reserve the right to amend or waive this fee on a case by case basis where this fee represents a barrier to entry
  • For second, and subsequent years, an honesty box will apply

The board retains the right to invite new members at any time.

You are a corporation/association/university and want to become member of the ISST? See here for our Corporate Membership
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