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Aug 2013

ISST Initiatives by Members

ISST encourages community initiatives. We, the board, feel it would be both arrogant and ineffective to act as if we have a monopoly on ideas.

You, our members, have the ideas, time and energy that we need in order to make our society a success, and to deliver on our mission.

Here is how to launch an initiative:

1. Have an idea
2. Sell the idea to other members: get a group of people committed to work on the initiative.
3. Do the groundwork by creating a proposal that describes your initiative (no, we don’t provide templates for that). Think about the following:
- How does it align with the ISST mission and objectives?
- What is it about?
- What is the goal?
- What are the benefits?
- What is the output?
- Why is it important?
- Who will be involved?
- How will the group be structured?
- What is the plan on how to reach the goal?
- What funding is needed and how will it be spent?
4. Present your proposal to the ISST board.
5. The board will process the request and if needed ask for additional information or clarification.
6. Board will approve or reject the initiative.

Governance: People start on interesting initiatives every day. Many do not deliver. We believe it is important to deliver.

Therefore we will expect transparency into how things are going. We will want to know about progress. We would rather kill an initiative than allow it to die slowly and drain energy from the organization. The Board has the authority to kill an ongoing initiative if it is failing or deviating from the ISST mission or objectives

Launch of the International Society for Software Testing

Today is a special day. It is the day that we, the International Society for Software Testing, are officially open for business.

It is time to put the common sense back into testing and we intend to do so!
You can find the mission of the International Society for Software Testing here:

The International Society for Software Testing is all about encouraging and facilitating a strong and active community and we are very proud of our founding members:

Also we figured it could be of interest for you to know who the board is:

We are in an early stage and much more is to come. What we are committed to though is our mission!
But we can't do this alone and we hope that there are many of us who feels that it is time for a change and will join us in our quest.

Feel free to join our cause by becoming a member:

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