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Jun 2014

A couple of changes within the ISST

Some time has passed since we founded the ISST with the purpose of advocating for context-driven testing. We have had insights and learned something about ourselves. One insight is, that we are all very busy people with both professional and private lives. We don’t believe in making promises we cannot keep and therefore decided to implement a couple of changes.

At the ISST members meeting at the Let’s Test conference we agreed on the following:

  • We’re changing our membership model to “invitation only”, with all current members being automatically “invited”
  • For a while, we don’t plan to accept additional members, but will review in the near future
  • When we do take new members, we will expect them to be sponsored by an existing member
  • As of the next membership period, fees will be on an “honesty box” basis - you decide on how much your membership is worth to you. Nominally, membership is €80, but you decide on what to pay: be it more, or be it less
  • Currently many of your membership payments on PayPal are set to automatic renewal. We will stop the automatic renewal. We want you to make a conscious decision to be a member of the ISST. When your membership renewal is due, we will send you a friendly e-mail reminder
  • We have created a Skype chat room for all members. IMPORTANT: We do not have all your Skype IDs. So, if you currently do not yet see that chat room in your Skype client and want to participate, please send us your Skype ID. We will then add you to the group

As the Skype chat room will consist of quite a high number of people here a couple of  guidelines:

  • Keep things relevant, by which we mean: if you just want to say “Hi” to your buddy, or want to discuss something with an individual member, then take it offline.
  • We expect you to apply good judgement on this, and believe you will do so.
  • Keep the noise/signal ratio at a healthy level!

We are confident that with the changes we will be able to focus on what is important to us.

Ilari, Iain, Johan, Henke
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