The active presidents of the International Society for Software Testing have taken the decision to disband the organisation. This decision has not been taken lightly, but after careful deliberation.

The ISST was created as an activist organisation for the betterment of the software testing industry. We feel that to a large extent the three objectives set out by the founders have been met, or are in the capable hands of organisations that we support.

In its short lifespan, the ISST has done some work that we are very proud of, providing a hive mind for members to tap into, agitating for greater international representation from the Association for Software Testing and the very public dissent and criticism of the now largely irrelevant ISO29119 collection of documents.

We are very pleased to see the continued rise in numbers of skilled software testers and we believe this is a trend that will only continue.

The organisation received dues from its members and was a non-profit organisation. Per the ISST by-laws, the remaining funds will be donated in their entirety to Medecins sans Frontieres.